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Special thanks go to the following: Will Jaffe, Banning Lary, Donna and Diane Deming, Helen and Steve Heater, Donna Miller, Cory Hattem and Sara Brandt, Manny's Music, Manny's Car Wash, Wayne at Sweetwater Sound, Ruth Cove, the folks at MOTU (especially Magic Dave), The Tree, West Village Houses, Al Milburn, Avalon Design, Chin, Alex Frasse, Mike Gallagher, Jon Hersh, Vinny (for paying up on that bet) Disc Makers, John Cuniberti, Gregg and Lynn Schnitzer, Paul Liberatore, Queen Jane, Joe Buchwald, Marty Balin, Tom Edwards, Mike Bloomfield, Garland, the old gang at Spagnoli Ranch, Dino Valenti, Norman Dayron, The North Hi-Mount gang, Jack and Angelique, and Spleeno - for always being there.
You guys!  Man, your album ...The Damage You Have Caused ... was like gettin' hit in the head with a hammer.  Freakin' awesome stuff!" Brad Miller, Buffalo, NY

Didn't know what to expect and not usually my thang but when I heard Marshall Dillon I realized you guys were the real McCoy.  - Theo Makem, Savannah, GA
Hey guys just wanted to let you know your CD definitely rocks from start to finish.  In fact, one of the best things about it is there's a sense that every track leads right into the next and they're all part of a continuing "story."  My roommate and I listened to it several times and were impressed by how different each song is from the other - and how you guys write some lyrics that are actually intelligent and make you think about the important issues.  I hope you keep it up!  Rick Benson, Santa Cruz
Damn good record for a couple of geezers!  Wow ... you've sort of changed the way I look at guys over 50! Angie Lin, San Francisco
You guys rock!  Starkett Levee ... I'm a fan!  Janis Oakley, Bethlehem, PA
Seriously?  Recorded on a laptop computer?  Impressive!  Randy H. NYC
It sounds like you guys have been playing together for decades ... way to go!  Got to hand it to you - How Many sounds like a classic! Ethan H., Boston, MA
Put it on, couldn't stop it - next thing I knew I was on my 3rd - and 4th round!  You have something here ... original, fresh and best played LOUD!!  WTF?!  Geoff Willis, Venice, CA
I got your CD and I have to tell you, it made my 6 hour car ride go a lot quicker - we listened to it several times - I can tell a lot went into it - and it's not bad for something down on a laptop!  Much more than I expected, really.  Pete Garrison, Syracuse, NY
I think HOW MANY YOU WANT will go viral.  My favorite!  Lisa Garrison, Syracuse, NY
After listening your CD five times I still hear something different every time.  Who knew you guys were so original?  Nobody sounds like you.  I'm definitely into Starkett Levee!  By the way, what does that even mean?  Jennifer Davis, Woodstock, VT.
Awesome, dudes!  Freakin' awesome! Roy Wozar, Burbank, CA