Noel Hattem


Noel Hattem singer/songwriter, keyboardist/guitar player from New York City, began playing piano and studying music at the age of nine, and sang in his elementary school glee club. His main interest in Rock began with the legacy of the 60’s and continued into the Progressive and New Wave Rock movements. 

Gravitating toward darker edges while drawing from various sources with a mixture of Hard Edge, Punk, and Alternative, Hattem maintains a contemporary connection with today’s Indie Rock.


Over the years, Hattem has fronted and performed in local NYC bands such as At The Same Time, Race For Space, The Nth Degree and Kryptic Friction.  Hattem has three recorded Rock songs in the permanent music collection of the 9/11 Museum in NYC.


Being a rock artist is the platform that sustains him. When pressed for more Hattem puts it simply: “I don't really have much more to say.  I tap into a song from self-reflection and personal experience and/or hand me the mic and let's rock.”